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There are few people still living in the village who were here when the hall was opened but for those who were not, it was very different from what it is today. In the 1950s when the idea of a village hall was conceived, it was a very ambitious project. Land had to be acquired in a central position and funds had to be raised for the building. This culminated in the opening of the hall in the summer of 1961. Most agree that this was a very wise investment and over the years, the hall has become and has remained central to the social life of the village.

At first, the hall was a space with no stage and very basic toilets and kitchen. Its big advantage was that it was clad with cedar wood and this has prevented it from rotting but in the early 1990s, the building was deteriorating from lack of investment and maintenance. One idea was to sell the building and land for housing development and move to another site in the village as then unspecified. This proposal was submitted to a “Village Meeting” and was overwhelmingly rejected. The Management Committee resigned en masse and a new committee elected. Proposals for repairing and modernising the building were quickly formulated and what we have today largely originates from decisions made at that time.    

Over the years, there have been four extensions and a new roof built. These have provided an enlarged main area, two committee rooms, a storage room, a cloakroom, a new entrance hall, a well equipped kitchen and new male, female and disabled toilets. Outside, two playground areas and a surfaced car park have been created. In addition, the hall has become the centre for the village’s clubs and youth groups. In recent years the hall, with assistance from the Llangrove 100 Club, Village Singers and Llangrove Community Productions, has purchased a data projector, screen and electronic piano. Of late, several new activities have been introduced including a table tennis group and the Llangrove Village Singers community choir
. The hall is also now responsible for maintaining the local book exchange (ex telephone kiosk).

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Support the Village Hall via 'The Giving Machine': for every online purchase you make from selected stores, eg Amazon, eBay... a donation will be made toward the Village Hall and it doesn't cost you anything.

A defibrillator is situated on the front wall of the village hall for emergency use.

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