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Waste collections:You can place all your recycleable material in the green wheelie bin together.  Yes!  Paper and card, flattened, tins, bottles and all plastic bottles, plastic pots tubs and trays. No black plastic, plastic bags or flexible plastic wrappers please. The contents of the wheelie bins will be sorted in a new state-of-the-art facility.  Visit if you want to find out more about how this is done.Check your bin collection day – Herefordshire Council

All homes now have black waste bins and green recycling bins to be emptied on alternate Tuesdays.  Any queries, ring Hereford Council 01432 260051 and ask for 'Recycling'.  

You can now recycle the following at Llangrove CE Academy:

  • Printer cartridges

  • Aluminium foil

  • Textiles (blamkets, clothes and shoes)

  • Stamps

  • 2L Plastic bottles

Rubbish.... reduce - reuse - recycle if you can...
Garden Refuse
should be placed in special green sacks which can be purchased from Herefordshire Council offices.
 Morrisons in Ross and Waitrose in Monmouth have household battery recycling bins.
Aluminium Foil
 Clean foil can be recycled in a wheeled bin outside the old weighbridge building to the right of Morrisons.
Recycling using the Academy's Morgie Bee Bin
 This bin, situated in the school car park, can be used for recycling clothing.  The clothes are sent to less economically developed countries where they are put to good use.  The school receives a small monetary return for the amount of clothing that is recycled.

Herefordshire Council Services

Home Compost Bin  Ring 01432 261769
Bulky Items -  Ring 01432 260000  and ask for Waste Collection. There will be a small charge.
Fly tipping   -  Report to Herefordshire Council on 01432 261769

Nearest Herefordshire Recycling Centre:

Herefordshire Council, Station Approach, Ross-on-Wye  01989 762460.  Open Thursday and Saturday 0800-1800 and Sunday 1000-1700 (except Christmas and New Year).

Recycling suggestions

Charity shops
- the principle is to give away rather than send items to landfill.  Investigate on
, try Full House 01432 342042
, contact EnviroAbility, Ryefield Centre 01989 760919 who will take computers, mobile phones etc
, contact Spokes (Workmatch) who refurbish and sell cycles. Ashburton Trading Estate, Ross-on-Wye  01432 265545
Green Nappies  01989 760919  
Stop junk mail
by contacting the Mailing Preference Service 0845 703 4599

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