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Welcome to Llangrove
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Buses & transport

Local info

A limited bus service runs from outside Llangrove CE Academy.

Leaves Langrove: 0947
Arrives Hereford: 1030

Leaves Hereford: 1320
Arrives Llangrove: 1403

Leaves Langrove: 1037
Arrives Ross-on-Wye: 1100

Leaves Ross-on-Wye: 1340

Arrives Llangrove: 1403

Leaves Langrove: 0955
Arrives Monmouth: 1027

Leaves Monmouth: 1250

Arrives Llangrove: 1322

WRVS Country Cars: -
Transport for those who cannot access public transport either because of a disability or no public transport available.  
Pauline Davies 01989 765595

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