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FOUND - Rabbit!

Has anyone lost a pet rabbit?

This rabbit is now living in our 12' thick hedge.  S/he is in very good condition and could be either a wild rabbit or a pet with Netherland Dwarf ancestry.  

The head and body are a little too cobby to be pure wildie and the legs a little short, but the ears are too tall for purebreed Netherland.  It looks like a Netherland Dwarf x wild rabbit:  we are aware some have been bred in the village, were once at the school and some have been homed as pets.  However, no escapees have been reported.

We are uncertain if it is a very early wild rabbit but in view of the exceptionally cold weather over the last 3 months which can cause bucks to become temporarily infertile and doe fertility plummets, it would be unusual for a wildie to have been conceived and to survive in such good condition.  Alternatively s/he could be an escaped local pet but nobody has reported one missing, so far.

The rabbit is timid yet happy to sit on the step and gaze through our patio doors (not typical wildie behaviour).  We haven't been able to catch him/her and s/he remains unsexed.

If you have lost a rabbit or know of someone who has, please email

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