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Real, proper snow!

Published by Webmaster in Snow · 11/12/2017 15:49:00
Forget the excitement of Friday's light snow flurries...

We now have real snow.  Proper, crisp, crunchy snow about 12" deep in places.


Published by Webmaster in Snow · 8/12/2017 09:48:00

New 'Welcome to Llangrove' leaflet

Published by Webmaster in News · 22/11/2017 13:13:00
A new 'Welcome to Llangrove' leaflet is now available as an introduction to the village to newcomers.

If you are a new resident, keep a lookout for a copy dropping through your letterbox or a copy can be downloaded HERE

Wren comes home for his release

Published by Webmaster in Hedgehogs · 12/4/2016 20:24:00
Today I collected 'Wren', as named by the rescue where he spent the winter hibernating, and brought him home along with another hoggy, Andy, for release.

They are currently relaxing after their journey, tucking into a meal of hedgehog biscuits topped with dried mealworms, ready for later this evening when they will be released into a safe location in which they can also be monitored.  

If anyone sees them in the village or foraging in your garden overnight, then please do let us know.  Wren has two fluorescent spots on his back and Andy, who is smaller, has just one.  We'd love to hear what they get up to and hope both may become parents later in the spring/summer.


Wren's ID markings:


Hoggy is back!

Published by Webmaster in Hedgehogs · 8/4/2016 13:44:00
Tags: hedgehogs
After watching some curious nest-building activity in Hog Hall over the last 4 days and fearing the return of some less-welcome wildlife.... the very happy news is that 'our' Hoggy has returned following release on 20th December.  She is currently snoozing happily back in Hog Hall and looking very plump and healthy.

Spring, at last!

Published by Webmaster in Spring · 16/3/2016 22:57:00

Has anyone seen Hoggy?

Published by Webmaster in Hedgehogs · 19/1/2016 12:01:00
It's now nearly a month since we released Hoggy into a safe and secluded spot.  

She spent a few days enjoying the home comforts of Hog Hall but then a large rat took up residence while she was out exploring.  A camera trap monitored various comings and goings, both of Hoggy and Fat-Rat, unfortunately with Fat-Rat showing increasing interest in Hog Hall.  With her hibernation home under threat, Hoggy gradually lost interest and moved on to pastures new.  Fat-Rat is no longer and Hog Hall stands vacant, filled with cosy bedding, waiting to welcome her home.

We hope she is safe, warm and well, that she sheltered from the recent wet spell and is now snuggly tucked away during the frosty weather.  If anyone has seen her, please let us know - llangrovewebsite@gmail.com.  She is (or was) quite distinctive with two fluorescent yellow 'high-vis' spots painted on her back for identification purposes.

Hoggy's moving-out day is here...

Published by Webmaster in Hedgehogs · 20/12/2015 13:28:00
Today is Hoggy's moving-out day when she leaves her quarters by the kitchen radiator to move into Hog Hall for hibernation. However, she insists she prefers her current spot, thank you very much, along with being served fresh food and water twice-daily along with being spoon-fed dried mealworms.

Her weight has increased from 275g when found in October to a very healthy 875g now - ample to see her through hibernation if the temperature ever falls.

For identification purposes, she will be have a bright yellow flourescent 'high-viz' spot painted onto her back in the hope we may spot her out and about again in the spring.  We hope we don't find a pile of yellow squashed yellow prickles by the roadside which is our fear having grown quite fond of her over the time she's spent with us.


Published by Webmaster in Hedgehogs · 28/11/2015 16:39:00
Tags: hedgehogs
It's not strictly Llangrove 'news' but mention has to be given to the number of hedgehogs residing in the village.

Having seen only one hoggie in the wild since my early childhood in Lancashire, I spotted just one hoggie while living in nearby Ross-on-Wye but since moving to Llangrove, we've been inundated with baby hogs.  

We first stumbled upon a nest of very vocal young hoglets in our garden shed so left them undisturbed while monitoring mum on a series of camera traps both in the shed and around the garden and providing a supply of high protein kitten food, dried mealworms and fresh water.  She developed a regular routine of heading out for a stroll at certain times the returning to her family before heading out on a second mission before returning just befor 6am.  One morning, however, she went out and she didn't return.

We watched and waited, searched the hedgerows and even looked for any squashed prickly piles in the lanes but there were no signs other than a neighbour reporting continued regular hoggie-poop on her lawn.  A sigh of relief: mum was fine but the hoglets had been deserted yet we knew from the camera traps they were too young and too small to survive hibernation.

Then followed nights of prowling the garden in search of the youngsters - and we were lucky enough to find some of the litter, bring them indoors for warmth and feeding then pass them onto a local rescue.

21 September:
Mum acting strangely with one of her baby hoglets:

14 October:
First baby hoglet found in the garden:

This hoggy was taken to rescue but very soon more followed:

Houdini - our first escapee

Tiny - at 175g

Littlun, 225g, who loved to climb and was often found in the lounge snoozing behind the curtains:

He liked to climb up my arm and try to squeeze up sleeves - which tickles!

We are now down to just one hoggy living in kitchen who is almost up to a safe hibernation weight and will make him a hoggy house then pop him out to hibernate and live in hope that he will be safe through the winter.  

After 2 months with us, we've grown rather fond of him.  He has his own routine, waits patiently for his feeds then crawls out for his feast before returning to his nestbox for a snooze. 

Arrangements have been made for the smaller hoglets to be returned to us next year.  They are too small to hibernate so will be kept awake through the winter and then returned to us in the spring where hopefully they will have their own families next year.

Llangrove Village Singers - performance DVD

Published by Webmaster in Events · 14/7/2015 14:44:00
Tags: DVDproduction
Busy days ahead following the Llangrove Village Singers' summer performance with footage from two cameras to be edited together to produce a (hopefully!) watchable DVD.

Thanks go to Llangrove Community Productions team for the loan of their Sony camcorder which will be returned in a day or two when the editing is complete, although this could take a while as I'm editing it as a 6-track video with 3 audio tracks....

The DVD will be available in a few days, free of charge, in exchange for a donation to Llangrove Village Singers' funds/expenses.  Please see the Village Singers' website page for details...

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