04/2016 - Photo blog - Llangrove - welcome to our village

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Wren comes home for his release

Published by Webmaster in Hedgehogs · 12/4/2016 20:24:00
Today I collected 'Wren', as named by the rescue where he spent the winter hibernating, and brought him home along with another hoggy, Andy, for release.

They are currently relaxing after their journey, tucking into a meal of hedgehog biscuits topped with dried mealworms, ready for later this evening when they will be released into a safe location in which they can also be monitored.  

If anyone sees them in the village or foraging in your garden overnight, then please do let us know.  Wren has two fluorescent spots on his back and Andy, who is smaller, has just one.  We'd love to hear what they get up to and hope both may become parents later in the spring/summer.


Wren's ID markings:


Hoggy is back!

Published by Webmaster in Hedgehogs · 8/4/2016 13:44:00
Tags: hedgehogs
After watching some curious nest-building activity in Hog Hall over the last 4 days and fearing the return of some less-welcome wildlife.... the very happy news is that 'our' Hoggy has returned following release on 20th December.  She is currently snoozing happily back in Hog Hall and looking very plump and healthy.

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